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Sweden's biggest sustainability initiative uses Co:tunity

We_change is a platform where young people, municipalities, businesses and other organizations meet to discuss sustainability issues. The aim is to inspire young people to engage in sustainable development and find solutions that contribute to the global sustainability goals. 

When we_change came in contact with Kairos Future they were just about to start their sixth we_change but had administration difficulties. Each year, we_change meets up to 10 000 young people around Sweden, and to document all workshops and ideas manually was extremely time-consuming.

Starting this year, all documentation and analysis will take place directly in Kairos Futures innovation platform Co:tunity. Project manager Rebecca Bergman is satisfied with the solution:

– With Co:tunity, we got a digital meeting place where participants can share, hook up and build on each other's ideas - and then make things happen.

The projects last event was held in the city of Eskilstuna where between 8,000 and 10,000 young people and large organizations, such as IKEA, H&M, SEB, and Sida, were using the innovation platform Co:tunity.

Below, you can see a video where Rebecca tells you more about the project:

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