Longing for Spring

When we at Kairos Future 20 years ago developed our 80-years four-seasons model of Western cultural and economic waves, we came to the conclusion that, historically, every winter ended in a Great War. Although, we’ve just had witnessed the fall of WTC in New York, it was still hard to imagine that anything like that could happen in 20 years, somewhere around 2020-2025. Not in our time, not in the peaceful West.

Yet it has happened, and in a way that was even harder to imagine. The attack on a peaceful democracy by its aggressive and corrupt big brother has taken us all by surprise. In this very moment, the brave Ukrainians are fighting not only their own war, they are fighting for us all. For an open and trust based world order. For the world as we knew it.

Still, all we can do now is pray for a good ending, and provide all the support in all possible means we can to our Ukrainian friends. So let us all do that. And let us never forget, that after winter comes spring, even when it’s impossible to believe.

By Mats Lindgren