New conditions for work and regional future

Throughout history, production and consumption have shaped our local communities. Centuries old organizational and social structures are now colliding with new technological achievements and living conditions. Each community is changing in unique patterns through combinations of gradual and revolutionary transformations.

The forces in motion appear poised to fundamentally change society and organizations more than any period in history. How do we prepare for the changes that digitalization, automation, and a new generation of executives and employees will bring to the table and what should we expect lays in the future? How will the future working life look like in different parts of the country and which skills will municipalities and regions need to secure?

Kairos Future has worked to answer these questions and more in the report Stora jobbstudien – framtidens lokala arbetsmarknader och kompetensbehov (The Grand Job Study – tomorrow’s local labor market and skill needs). The report was created in cooperation with approximately 30 municipalities, 1,000 local labor representatives, and 10,000 working and studying citizens from various parts of the country. 

We now understand the intertwined relationship between location and workplace. We also know how knowledge of one’s role in the unique regional working and living situation acts as a basis for action, today and in the future.

Cooperation is crucial for creating stronger and more visible working and living systems across municipal and regional boundaries, within and between the public and private sectors. The keys to the future are life and career opportunities.

Companies and employers, as well as the public sector, are responsible for driving the development within the place they operate. This must be knowledge-based in order to efficiently use common resources. An example is the cooperation between municipalities Båstad, Falkenberg, Halmstad, Hylte, Laholm, and Ljungby and Halmstad University in creating regional growth. The project is long-term and knowledge-driven, with short-term synergies, goals, and concrete action plans built on the analysis and results from Stora jobbstudien

“We required knowledge to take us from square one to our desired result. Stora jobbstudien gave us support for creating a consensus on how to benefit from different perspectives and contributions.” 

Catharina Rydberg Lilja, CEO Halmstads Fastighets AB

Read more about the study, in Swedish, here.