Situational analysis and Strategy development for the Public Sector

For most public organizatons, the need to find a balance between short-term demands to keep a balanced budget, organizational efficiency and long-term benefits is a difficult challenge to manage. It will become even more difficult as a consequence of the changing world we live in where one of the key challenges is to act appropriately with limited resources in an increasingly complex business environment.

One key factor is to understand the business environment we operate in, apply this understanding into the long-term strategies and implement them into existing business systems and leadership models. It is by systematically analyzing the relationships between various changing forces in the present moment that we can understand which are the most likely future developments, and what services and business models create success for the individual organization or business.

This is why we have created the Crash course in Business Intelligence and Strategy Development for people working in the public sector. It is a course filled with useful methods and tools to carry out business intelligence, apply political visions and goals, and develop robust strategies and action plans that serve as guiding principles in everyday life.

Price: 28 000 SEK exkl. moms

Västra Järnvägsgatan 3 Stockholm

Please note that the course in Stockholm is held in Swedish. However this course can be provided on demand in English to companies or groups. Contact us directly for more information or apply to the course in Swedish here.

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Helena Mella

Director Academy

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