Situational analysis and Strategy Development

This course helps you connect business intelligence to strategy and business development.

Are you having trouble connecting business analysis with the stratgy development processes? Do you have limited time but still a need to bridge the gap between business intelligence and strategy? Then this is the course for you, a comprehensive and fast paced course that gives you the main methods to connect business intelligence to strategy and business development.

During the course, we place great emphasis on understanding the underlying theories and models of business analysis. This course is for those who have been accustomed to think and act from a management perspective, preferably with experience of working with strategies.

Key Benefits

  • Methods that create new strategies based on both external changes and the internal situation in the organization.
  • Tools that are suitable to test how well current strategies or business models meet future requirements.

Price: 28 000 SEK exkl. moms

Västra Järnvägsgatan 3, Stockholm

Please note that the course in Stockholm is held in Swedish. However this course can be provided on demand in English to companies or groups. Contact us directly for more information or apply to the course by switching your language to Swedish on the top of the page.

For more info, contact

Helena Mella

Director Academy

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