An AI strategy for your organization

Back in 2009, Kairos Future created its own AI sidekick that has helped us in hundreds of analysis and strategy projects, analyzing large amounts of text and images. Today, we work with a more advanced version, Kairos AI, a generative AI platform built by Dcipher Analytics, a spin-out of Kairos Future. Have you considered what generative AI means for your industry or organization?

Do you feel that you are at risk of falling behind or being bypassed?

For over 20 years, our proven strategy process model has helped organizations quickly gain knowledge and develop strategies to meet a changing world. In just three or four intensive workshop days, we guide management or project groups from enhancing insights and mapping opportunities to developing a vision, strategy, and concrete priorities.

This is what you get:

  • An increase in knowledge among key people.
  • A shared understanding of opportunities and choices
  • A clear vision for a displacement journey
  • Clear strategic priorities
  • A set of core and supporting activities and plan for further work.

Contact Mats Lindgren for more information on how we can support your AI strategy process.