The Smart SeniorMunicipality

The demographic challenges for municipalities are frequently discussed – to make sure that seniors receive services they are entitled to. It is tempting to put hope in welfare technology, but there are still many other matters that require more research within the field. One can learn a lot from the seniors who are front runners in the use of digital tools. Kairos Future is tracking in an ongoing research project about how these seniors make their way through their everyday lives and what development projects they pursue themselves. What are their most valuable digital tools? What have been the most important changes in their homes during their lives? And, not to forget: What are the solutions they hope to see in a short time from now?

During several years, we have worked alongside these senior groups to investigate housing, digital technology, health benefits, accessibility, and what matters for them to get through the day. Together with senior groups, we are working in senior-labs, ethnographical studies, workshops, surveys, and other methods to evaluate digital solutions and explore possibilities for the future. We also include analyses of municipalities’ and housing companies’ current operations, or how they should operate, in order to contribute to the well-being of the seniors of today and of tomorrow.

This is about future needs of society where small gaps in urban areas, and large gaps in rural areas, shall be filled with possibilities for citizens. The idea is to contribute with new service infrastructure for the society of tomorrow. Here, nodes are created for professional and non-profit contributions to a more equal society with services that are easily adaptable to the needs that unfold. The scenario is a society that is characterized by development of new solutions for healthcare services, deliveries of goods and services, service to citizens and visitors, along with catalysts for social encounters. A society defined by sustainable solutions for how services can be accessible within geographical areas where the use of collective spaces has to be prioritized at all time. And it is possible to be smart in different ways – it is not all about digital innovation!

In the end of October 2019, we finalized the latest analysis of its kind – The Smart SeniorMunicipality. Are you searching for more inspiration regarding business development? Book a lecture and/or workshop with us. Your welcome to contact with Mats Olsson, Director Health & Healthcare Kairos Future.