What’s NXT: 8 decisive trends the manufacturing sector should know to stay competitive in the future

The manufacturing industry will undergo radical change over the next ten years. Of course, some smaller and niche manual manufacturing will prevail. But what about the rest? Who will survive the ever-growing competition brought by faster and more effective manufacturing? Are large corporations favored over medium-sized companies?

The answer is quite simple: Those best prepared for change are companies that reflect on the future possibilities of digitalization and automation and have already started reallocating resources in those sectors. Therefore, the decisive factor will not be whether or not you favor an upcoming technology boom but to ensure that you have sufficient capacity for change to benefit from it.

Today, we see more and more examples of large-scale production where the production lines are more or less fully automated. It is even more spectacular when robots build robots. However, for most small and medium-sized companies, much of the planning, material logistics, and even production are still handled manually. The question is, how long can this go on?

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By Lars Eidenvall