Building systematic environmental analysis

Thinking outside the box, raising your sights, developing your business with an outside-in perspective instead of the other way around. These idioms are familiar because they encapsulate a challenge that virtually all organizations struggle with: managing their own operations in response to the changing world and the needs of their target groups.

Environment-driven operations governance (OVS) is a proven toolkit and system that greatly enhances the ability of management teams to steer their operations in a future-proof direction.  

The basis of OVS is a systematic ongoing business intelligence analysis, well integrated into the organization's existing rhythm. It identifies trends and their consequences, sometimes also scenarios, all of which form a basis for innovation in working methods, organization, services and products. 

An approach is added to the business environment analysis that ensures that the insights gained also have an impact on business development and ongoing management. As with the external analysis, the starting point is to change as little as possible of existing working methods so that the introduction of OVS is as smooth as possible. 

The result is a more resilient organization that through OVS has increased its ability to act quickly and smartly in the face of emerging threats and opportunities in the outside world. 

The training provides:

  • An understanding of the link between business intelligence and strategic management and governance. 
  • Concrete pictures of how a systematic ongoing business intelligence can be designed in different organizations. 
  • Examples of how the results of the business environment analysis can be systematically utilized in the strategic management of an organization. 

Price: 7 900 SEK exkl. moms

Please note that the course is held in Swedish. However this course can be provided on demand in English to companies or groups. Contact us directly for more information.

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