Strategic Visitor Industry Development as a Tool for Sustainable Placemaking

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Strategic Visitor Industry Development as a Tool for Sustainable Placemaking

Explore possibilities for your city's development. Discover how planning of tourism and the visitor industry can stimulate strategic sectors and create a sustainable economy for your residents. Secure the future of your municipality by investing in a comprehensive solution – where sustainable growth meets economic and social success.

In this engaging and interactive presentation, we discuss the strategic intersection between visitor industry development and placemaking, offering insights for stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.

Discover the art of using the visitor industry to stimulate economic diversification and create effects that extend far beyond tourism. From cultural experiences and technological innovation to entrepreneurship and skills development, this lecture focuses on the potential of a diverse and socially sustainable economy.

For stakeholders in the public sector, this lecture offers inspiration and guidance for urban planners, decision-makers, and community leaders. Promoting and developing a strategic visitor industry is to invest in both current and future skills needs by stimulating local entrepreneurship, developing infrastructure, and positioning your brand in a targeted manner. Increase the attractiveness of your city, embrace economic diversification, and pave the way for a resilient and vibrant community.

For the business community, this lecture is about creating a future where your company thrives in a growing local economy that can grow for generations. Our lecture not only aims to guide the company's journey but also facilitates collaboration to create long-term value. From integrating advanced technology to improving synergies with the site's potential, businesses become part of a strategic partnership project. We highlight the opportunities to not only benefit from the visitor industry but also how to leverage it to harmonize with the site's needs and visions. It's about creating a win-win situation where company growth and community development go hand in hand, providing a sustainable and rewarding future for both business and society.

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