Who is GenZ?

Generation Z – or GenZ - is the name of the young generation born between 1995 and 2005. By some people, they have been described as the ”hopeless generation”, and their values are influenced by the time after September 11th and the Climate Change awareness. We could also call them the “pragmatic generation”, since they literally go to direct action, though how and why they do it can vary very much.

Understanding Generation Z in depth is important for many reasons. First of all; they are the future. They will take over the world in not such a long future. 

Some of them actually already do so, now, and at very young age. This is the case of for example Swedish Greta Thunberg who is becoming an icon for some and a nightmare for others in terms of Global Sustainability issues. GenZ will impact the global and local agenda, consumption and workplace both now and the future society. 

Not all GenZ is Greta. Pulse the great silent GenZs as well.  
However, previous youth generations like Millenials or Generation X, were relatively homogeneous and easier to understand than Generation Z, which is much more complex and polarized. At Kairos Future we saw signs that not all GenZs necessarily could be interpreted only by the Greta values, it was too simplistic. What about the silent GenZs? What were their values and beleifs? The GenZs who did not go out for nor were seen or listened to, and decided to research more in depth, in order to understand their different values and needs better. 

What do they dream of, what they are afraid of, what makes the happy, what engages them or what makes them feel ashamed or what they are totally uninterested in?

How do they think about life and the world globally? What do they appreciate most? What do they like to consume, influence and do? What do they do with their time and who do they spend it with? How do they want to make a difference or survive?

Which are the tribes in GenZ? That depend of the complex mix of values they express. 

At Kairos Future we decided to explore and find out more about the new GenZs. 

The result of this research helps companies and organizations to understand how the different tribes of Generation Z work and help you to create new insights for your organization.

What can you use the insights from the GenZ study to? 
To understand Generation Z in depth is therefore important for everybody, especially for companies and organizations who: 

  • Has the ambition to be first to understand the new values, which is one of the primary success factors for organizations today. 
  • Needs to understand long term trends, shifts and scenarios to future proof the organization.  
  • Is offering goods and services to young people – no matter if it is private companies or public institutions. 
  • Want to attract Generation Z to work or engage in a specific question.
  • Recruits young and need to understand it´s life choices and priorities better. 

Surf with Kairos Futures research of GenZ
Kairos Future has researched about new generations for almost 30 years. During summer 2019 we made a thorough research about the GenZ generation in Sweden and in the US in order to find out the new values. The results have been very useful for companies, institutions for insight, innovation, decision making, strategy and communication purposes. 

Part of the Swedish GenZ insights were presented at the annual Swedish Democratical Open Week Almedalen, where more than 45.000 people from companies, organizations and politics openly dialogue the future in order to create the future. More than 3.800 free seminars were shared and we are proud to present that our GenZ Seminar became ranked as the #1 Trending seminar during the whole week. 

So GenZ is and will be the Future. 

Do you want to walk with the GenZ?
We could use the current research done or do new GenZ research in your country or do an ad hoc GenZ research according to your needs, depending to what you need it for and why.

So please tell us why and leave your contact details beneath, and we will tell you how to do it. 

Why would you like to understand the GenZ better and what would be the us of it and for whom?

Please contact Heléne Olsson for more information.

By Heléne Olsson