Trend Hunting in London

At Kairos Future we believe that experiencing trends first hand, in real life, generate insights and understanding that will complement desktop research in extraordinary ways -- "out of the office and into reality!" Hunting for trends in the spaces and times in which they develop is the main concept of all Kairos Future Trend Hunts.

Together with 14 clients and Wonderleap&Eight we travelled to London for an intense two day stay during which we hunted for the most cutting edge, forefront consumer trends. Returning to Scandinavia, we were filled with ideas, fresh new concepts and material for developing new products, services and even new styles of communication.

In London we...

...had internal lectures on both theory (what is a trend?) and method (How do we look for, and understand trends?).
...received talks from successful international marketers and domestic trend forecasters and learnt who, how and what to look for in the streets of London.
...looked, searched and asked. Interviewed, observed and analyzed. All together we were able to collect a rich and broad material of trends of which we analyzed the future, possibilities and challenges.
...used Kairos Future's trend hunting app Co:tunity in which trends were collected, shared, analyzed and developed into new exciting business opportunities.

The participants gained a toolbox consisting of both method and theory as well as material to bring back home. For some, the material will inspire new concepts, and for others the method of looking and searching will successfully be applied on their own organization. Apart from this, networking with others who are interested in a rapidly changing world, as well as socializing with new exciting people, was equally as an important outcome!

"A fantastic agenda! I had high hopes when going on the trip and they turned out to be just as great as I hoped for. An intense, but well balanced program, god structure, interesting observations and discussions, and not to say the least fantastic people to get to know! Thanks!" Charles Larsson, Marketing Director, Steen & Ström

The trip to London was a success - and now we want to share the experience with more! We're planning an array of exciting Trend Hunts (how about a Political Trend Hunt in post-election Sweden?) both domestic and international. Would you like to join? Contact Jörgen Jedbratt, 070 580 14 63 or

By Jörgen Jedbratt