What’s NXT: Post-pandemic behavioral changes

For the past six to eight months, after the coronavirus took over the agenda globally, the majority of people have been forced to change and alter their behaviors.  ose who can are working from home, we have reduced our social network and started to meet up digitally instead, even our consumption habits have changed foregoing new clothes and shoes when we cannot go out. Opting instead for things that give us comfort – food, sweatpants, and other everyday luxuries. And not to forget, we don’t travel. At least not internationally.

Having these changes forced upon us, there has been a fair bit of thinking and speculating on which of these behaviors that will stick after the pandemic has subsided. Will we keep washing our hands every time after we have ventured outside? Will we go back to budget airlines with cramped seats and bad service for a change to see the world? Or are we happier now and will rather do staycations, supporting the local tourism industry, and explore our own backyard?

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