Getting to NXT – Kairos Future’s framework for disruptive times!

Regardless of whether we think about the coming months, years or decades, much points in the direction of a tipping point. And tipping points often means existential crises. Old thinking needs to be replaced by something new. Old habits need to be thrown away and painful re-learning processes be started.

The COVID-19 has accelerated a number of already ongoing processes with the capacity to change everything from how we work and commute to global warming and the geopolitical system. And many business leaders that previously could afford not to think too much on the big picture, now brutally realize that those days are now over.

To keep it short: it’s simply more important than ever to find out what’s NXT. For your industry, and for your company or organization. What are the external forces that will shape your operating landscape over the next year, or coming decade? What scenarios do you have to prepare for? How do you build the capabilities needed to face disruption and turmoil, and to thrive in a more complex and unpredictable world? Have you got the necessary learning culture? Have you got the processes in place that makes it possible to turn foresight and insight into new business models, products and services – and to rapidly scale them?

At Kairos Future, we’ve been dedicated to understanding, planning, innovating and preparing for NXT. We’ve assisted hundreds of organizations in their journey, and trained thousands of people to capture NXT, and to turn NXT insights into profitable action.

During the coming months we will take all that to the next level, by updating everything we already know, and putting it all together into an integrated framework, aimed to assist your organization to become a NXT company, with a NXT Culture, NXT Leadership, NXT Governance, NXT Communication, NXT Strategy and NXT Innovation. And maybe NXT Work.

That also means that we later will ask you for input on what’s NXT in your organization, how it works , and how you think it should be. And based on that, we’ll get back with a series of articles and short reports about What’s NXT and how to get there.

So, watch out for NXT!

By Mats Lindgren