What’s NXT: The Art of the Long Term

Switching between short-term and long-term planning is an art. Even though short-term perspectives seem overwhelming right now, companies still have 
a lot to gain from thinking long-term. For more than 25 years, Kairos Future has assisted companies and organizations in understanding and shaping their future. In this article, we’d like to provide you with some inspiration for how to do this ”long-term thinking” that everyone is talking about. It is precisely in periods of economic turbulence like this one it is needed the most.

Many, if not most companies, are fully occupied with coping with the crisis here and now. Even if we can see the light in the tunnel, the uncertainties are still there. On the rocky road ahead are also the climate challenges, increased geopolitical tensions, possible other crises caused by new pandemics, economic turbulence with political unrest, and conflicts that risk escalating. Change is the only constant. On the bright side lie the formidable innovation and technological development we are about to witness even more of – not least when it comes to transitioning to a fossil-free society. 

The big breakthrough of electric cars is imminent, and alternative types of energy are increasing its share in the energy mix. Technological development with digitalization, automation, and robotization are driving forces that affect all industries and have enormous potential. Major infrastructure investments are underway with high-speed trains, electrification of roads, and self-driving cars. The massive investments in fossil-free steel production in Norrbotten, northern Sweden, also raise hopes for a brighter and cleaner future. 

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