Research Program

Future of Energy, Sustainability and CSR

How will present trends in the field transform your organization and industry?

Not so long ago, energy was an expensive commodity. Then the wave of fracking made energy a non-issue in the US. Then Russia invaded Ukraine and Europe had to question its dependence on Russian gas and oil. The ongoing wind and solar panel revolution, combined with high-voltage direct current, could fundamentally redraw the global energy map.
At the same time, energy companies, IT companies and telecom giants, along with manufacturers of consumer products and fashion, for example, are coming under increasing pressure on sustainability, bribery and human rights. The IPCC is releasing new reports and even the World Bank is warning of the massive economic impact of global warming. The world is not what it once was.

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Ever since the birth of Kairos Future, energy, sustainability and CSR issues have been a central part of our work and research. Several of our consultants have backgrounds from the industry, from NGOs or research in the field. Over the years we have conducted researched the future of electric cars, developed scenarios for the future of the energy sector in Columbia, studied social media outbursts in China, surveyed the CSR activities in international companies and global youth attitudes towards sustainability, and facilitated the developed future scenarios with various stakeholder groups, to give a few examples.
We’ve worked with manufacturing companies, retailers, energy producers and human rights and environmental organizations across the globe, with local and national governments and industry networks. Over the years we’ve witnessed a paradigm shift in how the CSR issues are viewed and handled, not least from the industry. Still, there is much more to do.
The question is: How will present trends in the field transform your organization and industry?

Did you know that 1/3 of 16-29 years olds said that “It’s too late to stop global warming” already in the year 2013?
(from Global Youth study 2013 by Kairos Future)