Research Project

Knowledge automation – a revolution in the making

Welcome to participate in an action-oriented research study on how AI is changing information and knowledge work today. 

We've all heard about it. And maybe tested it ourselves. We're thinking, of course, of Open AI's ChatGPT, released in November. ChatGPT gives us a glimpse of the future, of what will revolutionize information and knowledge work in just a few years, and which has already led to the banning of home exams in several schools in the last weeks. And this is not the end, not even the beginning of the end. Possibly the end of the beginning. Most of it lies ahead. 

Few technologies will reshape the service sector more than big AI models like GPT. Already today, ChatGPT and similar language models can help us answer emails sensibly, analyze and summarize our daily email harvest, including PDF attachments, read through tens of thousands of news articles and summarize the most important news, create unique documents and reports, write poetry and prose, serve as a sounding board for ideation, identify trends in data, help us deal with difficult customers and citizens in a pleasant way, generate social media campaigns, create business ideas and business plans, write code from plain text or produce tutorials with screenshots and instructions. 

How will this affect the labor market in the near and longer term? How will job roles change for different groups of professionals? What will be the role of humans? What will happen to entry-level jobs and more skilled specialist roles? How will management tasks be affected? And how can we as companies and organizations take advantage of all the opportunities today? Before we are left behind by others? Few things are more pressing to clarify as an organization right now.  

That's why we at Kairos Future are planning to launch a research study in May 2023, where we will delve into all conceivable aspects of AI's impact on information and knowledge work - in the near future and in the slightly longer term. 30 years after we started Kairos Future and the Internet started to change the world, it's time again. 

Want to join the project? Download the prospect below.