Research Program

Future Worklife, Leadership and Workplace

How will new work life attitudes, the thought-driven economy, globalization and automation transform work and work life over the coming years?

What drives performance and job satisfaction and what’s the role of leadership in tomorrow’s organizations? How do you make young talent and female stars tick and how much does workplace layout matter? Will there even be enough jobs for everyone when automation goes on high gear, or are we facing a period of jobless growth?

That’s the sort of questions we’ve been asking over and over again since the 1990s. In partnerships with multiple clients we’ve researched areas such as successful and healthy leadership and work life values amongst youth across the globe. We’ve studied the future of workplaces and the art of leading the young. We’ve explored the impact of foreign ownership and the importance of CSR-activities on job satisfaction and brand, and we’ve figured out what the successful “generation shifters” do.

Together with Manpower, the global workforce solutions provider, we’ve interviewed around 10 000 people in the Nordic twice a year for almost 10 years, researching nearly every aspect of a world of work, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Did you know, that according to Swedish white-collar workers, the most productive workplace is the kitchen table? And that most even feel they are more productive working from bed than from the office? Kairos Future/Manpower Work Life

The question is: does your organization have a clear view of what you need to do in order to attract the talent, keep creativity and efficiency on top, and keep being successful tomorrow?