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Manpower Work Life

Strengthening the expert role within the labour market

Manpower Group is a leading recruitment and interim staffing agency in Sweden and internationally. In order to consolidate and strengthen its position, Manpower regularly conducts various international studies, for example a global labour market survey – Manpower Employment Outlook Survey – which tracks the demand for labour in different parts of the world.

Manpower in Sweden saw a need to get closer to the ordinary everyday work life questions in order to be able to offer its clients and the public information insights on how Swedes view leadership, the workplace and life at work. How do Swedes regard creativity and the manager’s role? Has a coffee break with the team any impact on perceived efficiency and creativity? How should an office be designed – and how many hours a week of ’at home’ work is optimal?

These were the types of questions that were important to find answers to, and the reason why they started a long-term collaboration with us in 2007. Prior to this we had conducted several large-scale Swedish and international surveys regarding – amongst other things – the views of different generations’ on work life, the leadership of the future, and young people’s interest in becoming managers.

“We have during 8 years’ time together with Kairos Future built a business that nobody else on the market can compete with. Manpower Worklife is Sweden’s biggest work life panel and we share our expertise with companies, students, researchers, organizations, federal agencies and trade unions. During these years we have published several books and about 50 reports” /Hans Makander, Communications Manager at ManpowerGroup.

Manpower’s key account managers and thought leaders use the surveys and the reports in their contact with clients and as part of their presentations during conferences.

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