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World Association of Newspapers (WAN)

Scenarios on the future of newspapers for the World Association of Newspapers.

The business environment of the newspaper industry worldwide is increasingly turbulent. The World Association of Newspapers engaged us in 2008 to carry out a scenario project that could serve as a foundation for strategic policy discussions and decision-making within the 19,000 member companies worldwide.

Kairos Future conducted research, expert interviews, and a two-day seminar with 20 top newspaper executives from four continents. The results of the scenario project were presented at WAN:s annual global conference and also in a written report.

"Tough economic times call for serious action. Enterprises that are losing revenues and market share need more than just a traditional strategic plan to assess their possible futures. Scenario Planning is the tool box to help businesses peer into their future, and still have time to create solid strategies for the possible challenges ahead." /Martha Stone, Director, Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project, World Association of Newspapers

Read more about WAN here, and about scenario analysis here.

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