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Wonderful Copenhagen

The end of tourism as we know it

Tourism is – on a worldwide basis – showing an impressive growth, making a significant contribution to many national economies. This has led to increased pressure on tourism and it’s supporting structures along with a series of trends that have contributed to disruption, threatening the traditional models.

What are these trends? How can national marketing organizations and destination marketing organizations actually benefit from them? And in which way do they need to adapt to the changes? Those where the questions that Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organization of Copenhagen, had when they met Kairos Future in May 2016.

Kairos Future helped Wonderful Copenhagen to get perspective on the trends and through workshops gave the spark that help them rethink their strategy and reorganise themselves.

The digitalisation trend gave birth to new roles within the organisation in order to manage new marketing channels. And the trends “to strive for authenticity” and "sharing economy” inspired to the concept of “localhood” where the traveller is seen as a temporary local.

Wonderful Copenhagen created an all new strategy that was launched in January 2017 with the bold title “The end of tourism as we know it”. Signe Jungstedt, director of Development at Wonder Copenhagen, explains:

– We do not have all the solutions yet but we need to say it out loud and then we need to find the solutions. Kairos Future helped us in the initial stage to understand that we need to be bold in order to take the first step towards the future.

Kairos Future has been working with several destination-marketing organisations in Sweden and in other European destinations to build strategies in order to put future first. For more information and examples please contact us.

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