Reference case

World Leading Food Producer

Trend analysis and brand development for world leading food producer

“In which direction should we twist our product and communication activities?” One our clients in the food industry asked. The brand in question was one of the leading brands in its category in several European countries.

The client had a vague idea on how to twist the communication as well as the product itself, and our immediate response, was that their ideas might not be in tune with contemporary consumer trends. Therefore, we proposed them to dig deeper and start with a study on how the perception of products within the category was changing, but also how different lifestyle trends might affect the category in 3-7 years.

The study integrated several methods ranging from desk research, and expert interviews to social media mining, in-depth consumer interviews and a validating quantitative survey conducted in several European countries. The research confirmed our hunch, but was in direct conflict with the client’s ideas, and not least, with the existing communication strategy set by their long-time branding in communication partner.

Consequently the client, and especially their bureau, did not immediately embrace our recommendations. In a few years, though, many of the proposed changes were implemented.

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