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Folktandvården Västra Götaland

Business development for Folktandvården Västra Götaland (Public Dental Service)

Folktandvården Västra Götaland (Public Dental Service) needed to build a robust strategic plan with long-term vision and goals, and clearly formulated strategy areas with an activity plan for their long-term business development. The assignment was to create structures and support for implementation of one to three years in all policy areas. In addition, creating structures for an annual planning cycle that contained process, methods and tools for a continuous and systematic business intelligence in which the plan was stress tested against every year to maintain its vitality and robustness and to create a closeness to the market's changing demands, which was especially important in a business development perspective.

Kairos Future introduced a completely new business perspective, a new way to develop operations, based on a thorough situational analysis and futuredescription that includes both certain and uncertain development of the market. Watch Gunnar Eriksson, Dental Director at Folktandvården Västra Götaland, describe the project (in Swedish) here: 

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