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Innovation process with ATG

An innovation management system to ensure competitiveness.

An industry in rapid change and new players entering the business landscape presented ATG* with new challenges. As a step in the process of securing ATG's future competitiveness, the company introduced a new system with the mission of enabling faster innovation, taking advantage of employees' best ideas, and looking ahead to catch the most important opportunities earlier on. In its efforts to put structure, strategy, and direction in place, ATG collaborated with Kairos Future in the spring of 2020. The project was conducted as a series of workshops, with all work done digitally.

Using a combination of tools, the team worked in video format both as one large group and smaller groups, and through templates, creative collaborative spaces, graphic recordings, the work was documented. The format was constantly adapted to the aims and objectives of each workshop and by picking the best from proven methodology with the possibilities in the digital format, the groups, together with Kairos Future, managed to develop a trend map, a vision for the function of innovation, new innovation processes, strategic innovation areas, and concrete concepts.

"Gathering the entire team around a systematic process means we now have a clear picture both about how we want to work with innovation and what areas we want to invest in. Doing it all from a distance has worked much better than we ever could have guessed."

Sten Andersen, Chief Innovation Officer, ATG

*ATG is the gaming company that knows horse racing. The company was founded in 1974 with the mission to safeguard the long-term development of trotting and thoroughbred racing by offering responsible gambling.

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