Reference case

The Region of Halland

Analysis towards 2020 for the Region of Halland.

Region Halland was halfway in their efforts to achieve the vision Halland, which was developed in conjunction with the formation of the regional development strategy in 2005. Over time both external and internal conditions changed. It was time to do an update and future proof the strategic process of growth and attractiveness of the region. They needed to do a review of the conditions of Halland now and towards the vision for 2020, update the contextual analysis and deepen the analysis of Halland's position in its international, national and regional contexts, and then condense the analysis in an understandable and easily accessible report. 

Kairos Future conducted an extensive analysis and compiled a knowledge platform. In the report, the results are described in the light of the vision and the analysis, as well as what the region need to work on in order to be an emerging, powerful and attractive region in 2020. The analysis and the report are being used as a basis for forming a common direction ahead with the region's stakeholders.

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