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Ministry of Mining in Chile

Scenario planning for the mining industry in Chile with Ministry of Mining in Chile, CORFO and SONAMI

Ministry of Mining in Chile

Will sustainable mining constitute a solid pillar for Chile’s future development? Is it possible to reconcile the Chilean mining growth in the central part of the country, with other activities and land uses in the long term? These uncertainties were the starting point for the Scenario Planning initiative "A sustainable mining in the central part of Chile: Scenarios towards 2035" that Kairos Future developed together with the Ministry of Mining in Chile, CORFO (Chilean Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) and SONAMI (Chilean Mining Association).

The main objective of the initiative was to build a dialogue platform among a broad group of stakeholders (representatives and experts from the public and private sector, and the civil society) in order to start a discussion about which aspects and limitations need to be addressed today and which long-term actions need to be implemented so that mining in the central area becomes a powerful development tool for the country towards 2035.

The report is the result of this dialogue process and includes the expert knowledge of more than 50 representatives of the Chilean society that participated in two workshops in Santiago de Chile led by Kairos Future. The Scenario Planning initiative thus constitutes a first step in a strategic process involving the public and private sectors, experts and academia.

In the process, two strategic uncertainties unfolded, that made the basis for the scenarios. One strategic uncertainty is about the future of the world copper market, the other about future development of trust and governance in Chile. Four scenarios came out based on these uncertainties.

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