Reference case

Premium Consumer Goods Brand

Big Data Analysis to understand the competitive position in the Chinese consumer landscape.

An international premium consumer goods brand was facing fierce competition in China from global as well as local brands. It was struggling to understand how their product was perceived by Chinese consumers, how effective their campaigns were, and how their brand position was developing over time. They were simply lacking the insight needed to be able to sharpen their marketing and sales strategy.
Our solution applied big data analysis to four million consumer reviews on Chinese e-shopping sites as well as discussions in blogs and consumer forums. This approach helped us identify and measure the relative strengths and weaknesses of the product, seasonal variations of complaints, the impact of campaigns, and other insights that had been unknown to the client. Kairos Future’s Dcipher platform was used to track the brand’s online brand equity over time and monitor opportunities and threats as they appeared.

Our recommendations helped the client improve their marketing and sales strategy and expand their sales online.

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