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Big Data Analysis for SABO – the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies.

SABO, the public housing companies' partner organization, wanted to better understand how young people view their homes, what they dream about, what type of housing they wanted and how big the housing question is in relation to other issues.

To address this, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of young people's discussion of accommodation in social media. Of the 30 million blogs posts analysed, 2.5 million were related to accommodation, compared to 1.5 million about fashion and shopping. Accommodation was thus the one of the biggest issues in social media. The blog analysis also found large differences in how young people search for housingwhere teens blog about waiting lists and students about finding sublet apartments. In addition, it gave a clear picture of young people's dreams, where a nice living ranked higher than money, studying abroad and celebrity status, which was confirmed in several quantitative studies that we have conducted.

For SABO and its members, the study gave new and unexpected insights and was used in external communication and as the basis for a consel on youth accommodation in Stockholm, with key people from the housing and construction industry, researchers, experts, politicians, the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and The Swedish Union of Tenants.

Learn more about SABO here and how we are working with big data insights here.

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