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Netnographic study of Chinese outbound travellers for international tourism organizations

With an uptick in outbound travel from China but insufficient understanding of the needs of Chinese tourists, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the European Travel Commission (ETC) required a deeper understanding of Chinese outbound travellers. Through a netnographic study of more than 70 million travel related social media posts, Kairos Future identified trends in Chinese travel needs and complaints, and described five major tribes of Chinese outbound travellers.

Member countries used the results of the study for destination development and market strategy development. As the results proved to provide useful, constructive and also completely news insights for the European destinations, Kairos Future was assigned follow-up studies for the Brazilian and Russian market as well. Several destinations have ordered tailor-made reports for their own destination in order to adjust marketing and products to the specific needs of tribes on the different markets. The netnographic reports have helped to add color to the traditional market figures through in-depths insights, stories, quotes and photos.

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