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Planning and management of the strategic development plan process.

Norrenergi, owned by the cities of Solna and Sundbyberg, supplies 100 000 people with heating and hot water. Most of the customers are located in Solna and Sundbyberg but the district heating system does reach Bromma and Danderyd as well. Norrenergi also supplies district cooling to create convenient indoor temperature at offices, hospitals and stores. Both the district heating and district cooling live up to high environmental requirements. Moreover, the district heating is certified with Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice). Norrenergi offers energy services to help customers save energy. 

Norrenergi establishes a strategic development plan every four years, and in 2019 the company launched a new plan for 2020 to 2023. After a public procurement, Kairos Future was given the mission to plan, lead, and facitlitate the process. 

Norrenergi emphasized the importance of broad engagement and involving the entire company. Therefore, we designed the process so that all employees could take part in one or more workshops or meetings. The main work was executed by the management board, who was deeply engaged in the tasks. 

The process was designed for interaction between different parts of Norrenergi and for alternation between expansion and contraction, that is to open up for new input and ideas to analyze them and draw conclusions.  

The first part opened up for discussions about changes in the external environment and internal environment within the organization, that was presented in a future outlook report. All employees were invited to participate in trend spotting. 

The second part, starting with a workshop with a broader leadership team, developed ideas for strategies and approaches. The business vision was processed in this phase too. In the end, suggestions on the strategic development plan were presented to the company board. Subsequently, the strategies were further processed, and a finished version of the development plan was determined. 

The project was executed during the first half of 2019 and constitutes a basis for Norrenergi’s work between 2020 and 2023. The plan is already anchored within the organization thanks to the inclusive process involving all parts of the company, which facilitates the execution of the plan. 

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