Reference case

The Swedish District Heating Association

Future scenarios, goals and strategy for a trade organization

The trade organization for district heating was facing several future challenges. An energy industry in transformation, a main product (distribution of centrally produced energy for heating houses) which had worked well for a long time but which now was being questioned by customers who either demanded other alternatives (thermal heating) or who did not accept the current pricing policies. In that situation the trade organization felt a strong need to get a firm grasp over the future landscape of distribution of centrally produced energy for heating houses as a product/service. They also requested a new vision for the organization itself that could bring the member companies together as well as a common strategy they could follow to attain their vision.

We worked in an engaging process, which involved hundreds of leading professionals within the Swedish heating industry. The work was also conducted in close collaboration with the president and the board of directors. The results of this process were many useful future scenarios, a powerful vision as well as the identification of three main comprehensive strategies/transitions that the industry needed to achieve in order to ensure a prosperous future for their goods and services in the future. The client was very happy with both the concrete results (the strategies, vision and scenarios) as well as with the management of the work process.

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