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Wind tunnel test of a communications strategy

Halland sharpens its communications strategy – and secures its future

As a successful region and destination in Sweden, Halland has many ideas for its communications strategy in the coming years. But in a constantly changing world, the communications unit at Visit Halland (the region’s tourism bureau) saw a clear need to review existing strategies and ideas and create consensus around the best ways to move forward. Where is extra focus needed in the future? What challenges does Halland need to take into account? And what opportunities could they take advantage of even better?

The communications manager contacted Kairos Future with a request for help conducting a “wind tunnel test” (using trends and the outside world) on Visit Halland and Region Halland’s existing communication strategy and ideas looking forward. Team Halland was looking for a workshop to challenge them – and bring everyone together to develop a communications strategy for 2020.

With Halland’s mission in mind – to drive demand from more conscious families and couples – Kairos Future prepared for the project by researching and analyzing existing strategies in the current environment, and compiling trends that impact what and how to communicate successfully.

“Kairos Future gave us a solid foundation to stand on​ based on relevant data. Our team is more confident now we have a coherent strategy with clear priorities. We also know what skills we need to make this happen! With a new "courage test" built into our strategy, we’re committed to doing something out of the ordinary every year – and also daring ourselves to fail."

– Jimmy Sandberg, business development manager, Visit Halland.

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