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ViS, Education for Adults

Analysis of future scenarios regarding education for adults for ViS.

ViS is the Swedish Association for the Education of Adults and its task is to work with the development of the education for adults and to promote its cause to the government, the congress and other federal authorities. The big question for ViS was how the work should be carried out in the future when the environment is rapidly changing and more and more low paying jobs also require an extensive education? What do these changes imply for the members and thus for ViS? These were some of the questions that were at the origin when we started our sixth analysis of the future of education that was carried out on behalf of ViS. The main goal was to examine the role of the education of adults in the light of the demands that tomorrow’s society will have on the work force and the providers of education.

The study was conducted as a combination of desk research, expert interviews and an extensive survey among managers, teachers and students within the education for adults regarding the future role of the education for adults. The results were summarized in three main scenarios and in a couple of concrete recommendations.

The report has been used as a cornerstone of the strategy development of both ViS and many of its members, normally cities and municipalities, and as a groundwork that serves to promote the activities of ViS in Sweden.

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