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The Swedish Police Union

Analysis of future scenarios for The Swedish Police Union

How should the police carry out its work in the future, when a revamp of the organization has taken place? This was the main question on the agenda of The Swedish Police Union when they contacted us for a collaboration on a project on the future of the policing.

In order to get a good grasp of the broader picture we combined desk research, expert interviews, cases studies of other countries and a survey among police staff. The goal was to understand their view of the development of our contemporary society, the evolution of crime and how the police organization should develop its activities in order to prevent and combat crime more efficiently.

Some of the most important conclusions were that crime prevention and combating needed to become more technically integrated, specialized, international and privatized. Furthermore, crime fighting is on the path to becoming more diversified in the future, and the police, whose methods have become refined and more focused, is only one of many players on the crime fighting and crime preventing arena.

The report has been used internally by the police union, but also as the groundwork for an external dialogue, for example during Almedalsveckan, the leading Swedish political event taking place in July in Visby, Gotland.

This is what the chairwoman of The Swedish Police Union said about the outcome of the project:

”We have used the report as one of the cornerstones for the work of our union’s program that was approved by the members in September. After this we will plan the activities for the coming years and then we will choose what to work with first and how to do it. It will be very exciting!”

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