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Katrineholm: Analysis-driven site development

Katrineholm: Shared understanding of local conditions and opportunities

The municipality of Katrineholm is working on what life there will be like in the future. A new strategy for site development has been developed: Under the motto Framtidsplan 2025, a new master plan for the municipality's development is created; a work that is driven in a solid, data and analysis-based process, with co-creation of citizens and businesses.

Kairos Future has had the privilege of participating in the preparation of data to support the municipality's strategic and systematic development. This includes an analysis of Katrineholm's attractiveness as a place from a migration and housing perspective, as well as guidance for the municipality's priorities in the long-term work with the business community of the future.

The goals
Based on the municipality's will regarding the benefit and contribution of business to the municipality, the business analysis' goal was to provide answers to:

  • What external trends affect the business community of the future, with a focus on which parts of the business community have a future?
  • What is Katrineholm's profile as a business municipality relative to other comparable municipalities?
  • Which business community can and should Katrineholm have and work for, given its own conditions and changes in the outside world?

With the support of Kairos Future's analysis platform for regions and municipalities, material in the form of existing analyses, data and reports, as well as a survey of entrepreneurs in Katrineholm, facts were formed and made understandable. These insights provided clarity in conditions and choices for how Katrineholm can prioritize strategically in today's and tomorrow's business environment.

A team with participants from the municipality and Kairos Future worked on the assignment in an interplay. Kairos Future compiled and analyzed data and information that the team then jointly analyzed and drew conclusions from.

Environmental analysis and municipal analysis were presented to a group with broad representation from politics and business. Following feedback from this group, a report was compiled with strategic recommendations for business development in the municipality. The results include industry specializations, profiles and priority development tracks with future potential, developed in a qualified analysis and assessed by the business community.

The work on the business analysis has given the business community, politicians and all those who contribute to development, shared knowledge of our local conditions and opportunities. It has created a consensus on our priorities and how we should drive the work for the current and future business community in Katrineholm.

Jakob Jansson, CEO of the destination company +Katrineholm.

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