Reference case

Leading Niche Beverage Producer

ConsumerWatch for a leading beverage brand

One of the leading and most clearly positioned brands on the beverage market had – like many others – a problem with identifying the most relevant life styles and ”tribes” to whom it could direct its communication. They had seen that they had a strong position in a couple of target groups, but were these really big enough to provide a basis for a sustainable business in the future? Did they really exist, and if yes – where?

In order to find this out they gave us the task to qualify and quantify the target group hypotheses that the company had developed. This happened in two steps. In the first step we worked with qualitative research and analysis in order to identify the different target groups by different characteristics. Here we used several methods such as social media analysis, and also found a lot of info in our own trend data-base. In the second step we entered Orvesto and other data-bases in order to quantify and qualify the segments in order to see what segments or tribes were worth targeting.

All this resulted in a clear target group analysis and a basis for decision making that provided a platform for a communication strategy based on the target groups’ media habits, brand preferences and food habits.

The way of work that we used in this case we call Tribal Close Up and it is a good example of how we work with ConsumerWatch. Read more about ConsumerWatch here

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