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Interest-based target group analysis

Insights on the target group with Granngården

In connection with the update of the brand platform and new communication concept, Granngården needed a deeper insight into its target group. Granngården collaborated with Kairos Future during the fall of 2023.

With the support of Kairos Future's unique database of Swedish interests and interest groups, the target group was defined according to the most relevant interests related to gardening, cultivation and animal husbandry. Based on these interests, Granngården was able to gain insights into the target group's demographics, values and lifestyle, geography, location and housing preferences and consumption habits, as well as trends in the target group's behavior.

To further understand the target group, Kairos Future together with Granngården conducted an AI-based netnography, an AI-enhanced deep dive into data from relevant discussion forums and other social media, which resulted in insights into the target group's main drivers and pains.

"For us, it was important to really understand our customers, their interests and driving forces to define how Granngården can become a natural part of their everyday life going forward. The mix of the broader mapping of interests combined with the netnography, which gave a clearer picture of our customers' primary drivers, provided very valuable data in our basic insight work."

Jenny Maltesson, Marketing Manager, Granngården     

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