Reference case

Höganäs Municipality

Analysis for Höganäs Municipality.

As a basis for a development plan for Höganäs Municipality they needed an analysis of the municipality's position, the outside world impacts, possibilities and threaths for the municipality towards 2030. Based on official statistics and data, material from the municipality combined with Kairos Futures methods and models, a compilation and analysis of Höganäs conditions for the future.

The summary was presented at a seminar for officials, politicians and representatives of municipal corporations and partnerships that actively contributed to the development of the analysis. The results of the analysis and the seminar was documented in a report.

Höganäs Municipality are using the analysis in there further work with the development plan.They have also, with the analysis as a foundation, decided to work on the next steps in our TAIDA process, ie to define a vision, strategies, and action planning. Kairos Future have participated in this processes as well, with management support. This included review of vision, asset analysis, strategy, and strategy implementation in the municipal councils in the development of formulating goals and outcome indicators.

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