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International Food Producer

Developing innovation platforms for an international food producer

”We know what people eat today, but what will they eat in 5-10 years? We cannot just work with small changes, we have to understand which new product categories to invest in, and how to reach the consumers where they are, eat and shop in the future. Simply put: New concepts. Could you help to develop a handful of concepts that will work well in 5-7 years’ time”?

This was roughly how our client put the question to us when we met them for the first time. The solution that we contrived was that we would first come up with scenarios for the urban life of the future and thereafter assess how the food consumer and the food arena would evolve in those scenarios. The work was conducted as a combination of creative workshops with a small core team and workshops with a bigger group of key persons at our client’s site, a thorough trend study within the food consumer environment, a brief survey and a social media analysis with a focus on the meals that interested them. 

The final product of this insight-generating meeting; scenarios for the urban life of the future, was illustrated by an illustrator. This was then the starting point for the other part of the work, which aimed at identifying innovation platforms through a series of workshops. These workshops also had the goal to create ideas and a handful of comprehensive and clearly defined concepts for the urban arena of the future. The concepts were illustrated, assessed and prioritized and were allocated within the organization on the basis of several parameters such as investment requirements and market potential.

These concepts provided our client with an intricate platform that could serve as a basis for the long-term innovation work.

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