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Leading truck manufacturer

Mapping opportunities in electromobility in China for leading truck manufacturer

Understanding and coping with the rapidly changing policy and technology environment in China is tricky, not least for Western companies. With literally hundreds or even thousands of players in every field and sub-industry it is almost impossible to get an overview of the key trends, threats and opportunities ahead.

Our client, a leading global truck producer, needed to understand the field of electromobility in China, key players, potential competitors, companies and technology to watch out for, partners to collaborate with.

We proposed a multi-facetted solution where we mapped the complete policy and innovation landscape by a combination of quantitative big data analysis and more qualitative research in the fields of patenting, academic research, government policies, and local initiatives. Thereby, we were able to provide a detailed map of the entire electromobility eco-system in China, which was used by the client to develop a roadmap for collaboration and investment, enabling the client to act on emerging opportunities in China.

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