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Leading Hotel Chain

Trend driven innovation for leading hotel chain

All hotel chains look the same, how can we offer our clients something that makes us stand out against our competitors? That was the challenge brought to us some time ago from one of the leading hotel chains.

It soon became clear that several areas were in need for innovation in order to keep up with current consumer trends. As there was no systematic process in place that secured trend driven innovation (focus was on the small steps on improvement), we started with producing a TrendWatch report, tailored to the needs of the client.

Starting with the insights from the TrendWatch, we organized a series of innovation labs where we assisted the client in developing new ideas and hotel related concepts. In order to select the most potent concepts, we finally organized a wind tunnel test aimed to filter out the ones that contributed most to innovation, suited the brand best and were within reach due to existing resources and strengths.

As a result, the client got a handful of completely new concepts that proceeded into the business case phase. Some of them you might have experienced during one of your business trips recently.

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