Reference case

The high school "Staffansgymnasiet"

Trend-driven strategy development for Staffangymnasiet in Söderhamn

A turbulent environment that posed many challenges to schools and those responsible for education prompted Staffangymnasiet to develop a a long-term plan by engaging in extensive trend analysis and strategy development together with Kairos Future. 80 teachers and other school staff contributed to the process, which consisted of identifying important trends that transform the education environment and that demand prompt action. In addition to this they wrote inspiring “letters from the future” and came up with ideas for how Staffangymnasiet should approach the future as a team.

”The strategy analysis has led to a development process in which the entire staff is engaged. Now we know what to focus on and which changes we need to implement in order to improve the quality of the education in our school. We have a common goal and a clear strategy for the future development of Staffangymnasiet. We also know that we are the ones who have the best plan for how to carry out this transformation. Having the opportunity to participate in a process of this kind is very inspiring and can best be described by our common goal & vision – “At the Staffangymnasiet I become the best I can be and we become the best we can be” in combination with the forecast that out staff came up with: “How hard can it be!” / Johan Rasmussen, Operative Principal.

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