Research Program

Future of Media, Marketing, Branding and Sales

How will social, mobile, M2M and big data analytics transform media, marketing and communication over the next 5-10 years?

When Marc Andreessen, after developing Mosaic in 1993, launched introduced the web browser Netscape Navigator the year after, he forever changed the way people, organizations and companies communicate and interact. From the very beginning of the Internet era we’ve been paying close attention to the intersection of technology and human behaviors, and its consequences media, communication and marketing.

We took the initiative to the first book in Swedish on the business consequences of Internet as early as 1994, and we launched the very first longitudinal study of the Internet penetration in April 1995, when as few as one (1) percent of the population had access to www or e-mail. In numerous projects – syndicated or tailored for specific clients – we’ve explored the future of marketing, branding, media and sales, often in the light of new disruptive technologies.

Did you know that “customer interaction” is the area that Nordic executives expect to be most affected by technological change over the next 10-15 years? Kairos Future/Tieto 2014

At the turn of the century we were deeply involved in numerous projects on the future of news media, and not least the long-term consequences of the mobile revolution, and since then we’ve explored the individualization and streamification of the TV-industry as well as the consequences of the emerging social media landscape.

Now, we’re facing a new disruptive era where big data analytics in combination with cloud, M2M, mobile and social will dramatically transform many industries, and the marketing and communication functions specifically. So, the question is: what will all this mean to you and your company or organization?