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Engage the next generation! Kairos Futures Youth Studies Platform

Does your organization want to secure today's young people as future employees and customers? Or do you want to be more effective in engaging young people in civil society? Then you have come to the right place!

To successfully face the future, it is crucial to understand today's young people. Young people are not just an audience to target with marketing campaigns; they are pioneers of new mindsets and cultures that are reshaping the landscape for businesses and the public sector. 

Kairos Future's expertise on youth 

  • Extensive experience in youth studies. Kairos Future has been studying young people since it was founded in 1993. In addition, we have data series on the values of Swedes ranging from the 1950s to today. Therefore, we can put insights in the context of long trends and historical developments, which is very valuable for understanding how the future might unfold.  

  • Helping you turn insights into action. We are experts in process management for working with strategy and innovation, and can help your organization make the insights about young people actionable and implemented in your strategy.  

  • Deep insights in three knowledge domains: 

    • Young people as employees. We understand young people's preferences around work, organization, career and leadership, and can help you secure the 00s as employees. 

    • The young citizen. Our database of young people's values and interests is extensive. We can help you understand what they think about society and the future.

    • Consumers of the future. Secure young people as future customers by taking advantage of our insights into how young people's values, preferences and behavioral patterns shape how they consume today. 

Current offers 

  • New lecture on how to engage young people. In spring 2024, we will update our research platform with new data from a survey focusing on how to engage young people in the workplace and in civil society. Be sure to get the insights by pre-booking a lecture, which will be held on your premises or remotely between May 1 and December 2024. 
  • Co-organize a seminar in Almedalen. Kairos Future's seminars in Almedalen are always among the most well-attended. During Almedalen 2024, together with some dedicated partners, we want to invite you to a conversation about how we can better understand and engage young people in Swedish society. Contact Nina Al-Ghussein Norrman if you are interested.  
  • Tailor-made consultancy services. Book an informal discussion to explore how we can support you to integrate understanding of young people into your strategic work. We can support you with a range of strategy development and innovation management services.  

Want to explore how we can support you to engage young people? Feel free to contact one of the team, contact details on the right side of the page.