Research Program

Future of learning

For the past 30 years, all schools have been subjected to great external pressure. Changeing attitudes and values ​​of pupils and parents, new technology, new forms of distribution and much more have fundamentally changed the conditions for schools.

Most of them indicate that this is just the beginning. What will tomorrow's education and learning look like?

The children who start school in the next few years will enter the job market around 2040. What will society look like then? What will have changed and what will be the same? What will the school look like? Will we solve the teacher shortage and addressed digitization? Will the Swedish school system excel in international measurements? And will the schools come to terms with the transition and the insecurity?

We have been following these issues, and others, for almost 20 years, and our ambition is to continue to follow these through future studies on various themes, inspirational lectures, workshops as well as strategy and vision processes for schools and school principals.

Take a look at the reports that can be downloaded to the right, but even better, let us contribute to your important work in creating the successful school and education of the future. As a starting point, we offer four services, but are happy to receive other challenges!

Lectures on the future of school, worklife and skills needed, with the opportunity for workshops.

Future day for the school world – a half or full day that gives educational staff the opportunity to reflect and discuss on the future of school, work life and skills needs

The learning environments of the future; educational premises are built like never before in Sweden, how can these be optimized for the future of school and learning? Here is a golden opportunity to create a future-proof school. If you had to describe your school in a white paper and start from the beginning, how would you design the school and the learning?

Strategic school development; research shows what makes schools successful and the current state of your school can be mapped through our analysis tool. The answers form the basis for a strategic and future-proofed school development.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Nelson Mandela