Research Project

Future housing and mobility patterns

The Large-scale Migration and Housing Study 2023. Welcome to participate in a future study on 2020s migration dynamics and people's location and housing preferences.

What drives people to move? What qualities of place and housing will they seek in the 2020s? When and how do climate impacts start to play a role in the attractiveness of different places? How will teleworking evolve in the long term and what are the effects of future technological opportunities? 

Where do people want to move to and how do they want to live?
This is the overall question of the study, which is supplemented by three priority questions concerning changes in working life, digitization and climate change's major impact on people's decisions about moving and living.

Among other things, municipalities participating in the study will be able to

  • Learn about the main trends affecting migration patterns and the attractiveness of places in 10 years and how they affect the municipality.
  • An analysis of the municipality in its regional context and what this means for the basic conditions to attract different types of movers.
  • A detailed picture of which other municipalities the participating municipality is gaining and losing migrants to/from in different life stages – and why.
  • Deep insight into what builds place attractiveness and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their own municipality.
  • A detailed analysis of which housing qualities are on the rise and which are in decline, as well as housing archetypes that describe the housing ideals of the future.
  • Tailor-made target group analyses for the individual municipality of the most important groups to attract to the municipality.
  • Strategic recommendations on the most important development areas for the municipality, taking into account the results of the study.

How can you use the results of the study?
The study provides a complete, data-based basis for the municipality's migration and housing strategy. It can usefully be used as:

  • A strategic tool in the municipality's work on the local development plan and other physical planning.
  • Direct guidance for the municipality's housing companies in marketing, communication and business development.
  • A central starting point in the work on the municipality's place brand.

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